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Savona Parkway Development Project

The City is in receipt of development plans for a Savona Parkway development project. A multi-family development site with 319 units is being proposed at 1730 and 1822 Savona Parkway. The proposed project is being built on 19.96 acres of private property that has been identified for multi-family development since at least 1981, when the City adopted the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Cape Coral (Ordinance 36-81). The number of units being proposed (319) have been allowed on this site since at least 1981 and no public hearings are required for this project.

The current Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Classification is MF for multi-family development, which was established in 2002. The current R-3 zoning has been in place since 2003. The prior comprehensive plan and zoning designations for this property also allowed multi-family development through a Planned Development Project approval process. Under current R-3 zoning, the site may contain up to 319 multi-family dwelling units (16 units per acre).

Based on City Council’s recommendation, City staff will be recommending that this site be zoned Residential Multi-Family Low (RML), which allows up to 16 dwelling units per acre. This is the same density as the current zoning. The City’s proposed changes to the Land Development Code will not impact the number of units currently allowed on this site. Because the proposed development is permitted on this site, the site development plan and building permits require administrative approval only. The City’s proposed changes to the land development code will not impact the number of units currently allowed on this site.

While the developer submitted a variance request in 2018, this was only to increase the building height. The applicant subsequently withdrew the variance request.