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Cape Coral August Flood

Sunday, August 27 - 9 a.m.

Good morning Cape Coral. It was wetter overnight and this morning than was initially forecast, with more rain coming. 

Widespread surface street flooding will continue today. If you MUST drive, please allow for extra time and expect delays. The general warnings we issued yesterday still apply:

Residents are urged to avoid contact with the water. Flood waters can contain bacteria, parasites, stinging and biting insects, venomous reptiles, and toxic chemicals.

Barricades have been deployed at some of the most flooded areas. DO NOT drive around these barricades. It only takes 12 inches of water to float an average sized car, or the roadway underneath may be washed away.

We will be getting briefed by Emergency Management this morning at 10:00 AM and will begin pushing updates to throughout the day.

Saturday, August 26 - 2 p.m

Good afternoon, Cape Coral. As you probably noticed, we received more rain last night and at least 4 more inches are expected today. Here is a map with the current road closures. Also, there is a sinkhole at Mohawk and 5th Pl. and a berm breach at NW 29th Ter. and NW 28th Ave. PLEASE AVOID THESE AREAS.


  • The City of Cape Coral does not supply sandbags.  If resident want to use them they will need to obtain them from a local hardware/home-improvement store.
  • While tempting, the Cape Coral Police Department and Cape Coral Fire Department are urging residents not to play in the water (swimming, canoeing, wading, etc.).  the water can carry dangerous parasites, venomous wildlife, chemicals, and, with currents due to flow near storm drains, can be a drowning hazard.