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Bureau of Life Safety

The Bureau of Life Safety under the Direction of the Fire Marshal is charged with upholding the National, State and Local Fire Codes and Ordinances for the protection of life safety and property preservation. Our staff is made up of Fire Inspectors, Fire Plans Examiners, and support staff all dedicated to protecting lives and property from fire.

Our goal is to “Provide a safe community through prevention”. We do this though a combination of education, engineering, and enforcement. Our Fire Inspectors meet with the public on a daily basis, inspecting commercial and multi-family properties, ensuring that these properties meet the minimum safety standards for fire and life safety protection. The following activities are examples of the types of activities and inspections the Fire Inspectors and Plans Examiners participate in:    
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 Annual Fire Safety Inspections  Target Hazard Inspections
 Courtesy Inspections prior to Occupancy  Certificate of Use inspections
 Construction Plans Review FAQ  Construction Inspections FAQ
 School Inspections  Night Inspections
 Other (Miscellaneous) inspections  Fire Origin and Cause Investigations
 After the fire  Customer Survey
 Open Burning Requirements  Burn Permit Requirements
 Fire Watch  Home Safety Tips

Frequently we receive questions or concerns about a business or activity related to fire safety. They may be initiated by a citizen, an alarm and sprinkler contractor, an alarm monitoring agency, a Building Inspector, a Code Enforcement officer, Police or Fire Operations staff. When this happens, we make a site visit to investigate the concern and then work with the occupant to correct any deficiencies found.

All Fire Inspectors are State of Florida Certified Firefighters, EMT or Paramedics, and are required to obtain a State of Florida Fire Safety Inspectors certificate prior to their employment. They must also renew their Inspector certifications every 4 years by taking courses that are approved by the State Fire Marshal’s Office, earning a minimum of 54 CEU’s in a 4 year cycle. Inspectors must also obtain Fire Investigator certifications in order to effectively investigate the causes of fires occurring in the City.

For more information, please contact the Life Safety Bureau at (239) 242-3264.