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Fire Department

Night Inspections

The Bureau of Life Safety conducts after hours inspections at assembly locations in the City of Cape Coral once a month.  These inspections allow Fire Inspectors to see businesses operating at their peak hours and assess them for any life safety concerns.  Types of businesses typically inspected are restaurants, bars, night clubs, theaters and other assembly occupancies not typically occupied during normal business hours.

While conducting night inspections, Fire Inspectors will be checking to ensure buildings have not exceeded their occupant load as displayed, ensure exits are clear from obstructions, and looking for any hazards that could pose a life safety concern for businesses and their patrons. 

Typically if a building is found to be over occupied the Fire Inspector will restrict access, wait until the building has returned to an allowable occupant load, and implement a one in one out policy.  If an immediate danger to life and health situation is found, the Fire Inspector may require the building be evacuated until the hazard can be mitigated.   

The Bureau of Life Safety is working to keep Cape Coral’s residents, visitors, businesses and first responders safe through proactive inspections such as night inspections.