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Fire Department

Construction Inspections

Construction Inspections
(Please note the following are only a few common issues) 

1. Fire Inspections shall be requested on the contractor portal before 9 PM for next day inspection using your contractor pin number:

2. Permit shall be on site prior to all work starting.

3. Reviewed stamped set of plans on site at all times.

4. Site work - drive rough shall be scheduled before blacktop or concrete is poured.

5. Fire Lane secured before building vertically. 

6. Hydrants working on site before any combustibles present.

7. Alarm rough before covering wires (above and underground).

8. Gas pressure test and rough before final.

9. Alarm electrical final before alarm final.

10. Alarm, sprinkler, hood, suppression, gas, and any other device connected to the alarm shall be called in for final as one group (if one contractor is not called in for final, no other final can be done).

11. Building final cannot be done if any sub permit is not final.

12. Firewall screw inspection on each layer before tape and mud (no mud under firecaulk).

13. Emergency lights shall come on when lighting breaker is turned off (NFPA 101- (3)).

14. If what is built does not meet plans, a revision shall be submitted to the building department for approval before inspection.