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News Articles

As the City and LCEC continue to discuss the electric options for Cape Coral, our citizens (and LCEC equity owners) need to be kept informed.  While the 30-year-old franchise agreement expires in September, our Cape Coral residents will continue to receive electric services.  The City will be posting news articles related to the franchise discussions between LCEC and the City of Cape Coral.  

Cape Coral Mayor / LCEC Chief Executive Spar

Cape Coral / LCEC Spar Over Franchise Agreement

Cape Coral Light Flap Leaves Some Seeing Red

Cape Says LCEC Reaping LED Savings

Cape Sends Franchise Agreement Framework to LCEC

Council Votes to Push LCEC for Transparency

Cape Coral Petitions PSC for Help

LCEC Customers Wait Seven Years for Return of Equity

Broken Utility Pole Creates Sparks

Cape Residents Question LCEC Transparency with CIAC Charges

Cape Coral Considers Negotiator in LCEC Talks

Cape Coral Approves $49,500 for LCEC Negotiator

Cape Mom Says LCEC/City Spat Like "My Kids"

City Hires Negotiator to Work with LCEC