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Diverse, Tropical Lifestyle

IMGDiverse, Tropical Lifestyle

From High-end Luxury Waterfront to Affordable Rentals

Cape Coral enjoys one of the lowest cost of living rates in the nation. Exquisite waterfront estates or relaxed golf communities offer stunning home opportunities  at exceptionally low prices for everyone— workforce to CEO.

Cape Coral provides a remarkable diversity in housing, ranging from affordable rentals to luxurious waterfront mansions and gated golf communities. The majority of Cape Coral's homes and communities offer lavish swimming pools and extensive space for open-air entertaining. Most of the city’s housing stock is single-family homes, and most of them are owner-occupied. Our newest communities, Cape Harbor and Tarpon Point, offer carefree, luxurious waterfront-condo living.

The city’s landscape is laced with 400 miles of navigable canals—many leading to the Gulf of Mexico and providing waterfront living throughout the city. Many properties offer a boat dock in their backyard. The city offers an impressive quality of life due to its outstanding climate, excellent health service, affordable real estate, relaxing tropical lifestyle, and competitive cost of living. Cape Coral is home to progressive education facilities and an extensive parks and recreation network.

Cape Coral’s seasonal population of about 20,000 enjoys our tropical lifestyle and competitive cost of living as much as our permanent residents. Cape Coral’s population has 175,00 year-round residents with more than 9,200 businesses. About 45% of the city’s residential lots have been developed, leaving plenty of room for growth. At build-out, the Cape’s population is estimated to be more than 400,000.