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The Cape boasts a robust communications infrastructure, including CenturyLink, a 100% fiber optic SONET ring and Comcast Cable. By one analysis, Cape Coral has broadband capacity several times greater than that of larger Florida cities. Survivable, underground fiber interconnectivity is in place at the City Centrum. The city was among the first in Florida to deploy the new 4.9 GHz pre-WiMax wireless channel authorized by the FCC. In the 2012 Digital Cities Survey published by the Center for Digital Government, Cape Coral ranked second place nationwide as one of the most technology-advanced cities for its size in the U.S.

CenturyLink is the local exchange carrier for Lee County. The carrier's local network has 5ESS digital switches with SS7 capabilities and advanced user features. The fiber-optic network connects its central offices and assures high network availability.

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Digital network services Dedicated digital circuits (56K, 64K, T-1, DS-1, T-3, DS-3, OC3, OC12, OC48) ISDN DSL Frame relay services Internet access, equipment and consulting services Digital Centrex (service and equipment) Voice mail services ATM services with multiple ATM switches

Local Dial Tone - unmeasured local calling, advanced calling features Long distance services – 800 service, term contracts and volume discounts