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Ten Steps to Starting Your Business in Cape Coral

The Cape Coral Economic Development Office offers guidance and assistance on the many issues essential to creating a successful business and in complying with licensing, tax and permitting requirements.

Our step-by-step Entrepreneur Guide can help you start, expand or relocate your business in Cape Coral. Thorough information on these 10 steps will help to make starting and running your business in Cape Coral as easy as possible:

1. Research and plan your business
Use these tools and resources to help prepare for your business venture and become a successful business owner. Take advantage of free business assistance, training and counseling services.

2. Finance your business
Learn about financing options, loans, venture capital and government grants. 

3. Investigate business incentives
Discover the benefits of government-backed city, county and state incentives—created to help you to grow.

4. Choose a business location
Get advice about choosing a customer-friendly location and complying with zoning laws.

5. Determine the legal structure of your business
Decide whether you are going to form a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, non-profit or cooperative.

6. Register for federal, state and local taxes
Register for a tax identification number from the IRS, your state revenue agency and county tax collectors.

7. Obtain business licenses and permits
Read about federal, state and local licenses required for your business and get detailed information about the permit processes. 

8. Comply with employer responsibilities
Learn the legal steps you need to take to hire and keep employees. Learn how to register for payroll liabilities, such as state and federal unemployment, social security, Medicare, and payroll taxes.

 9. Take advantage of Workforce Resources
Find skilled workers and workforce training opportunities. 

10. Business Resources and Contact Information
Take advantage of government and community resources created to make your business successful.


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