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Starting or expanding a business in Cape Coral? Need help with commercial permitting?

The city department primarily responsible for Cape Coral licenses and permits is the Department of Community Development (DCD). Through the city’s site, businesses can check the status of their building permit application and get all of the forms and applications necessary. Here is some helpful information to get started:

The Business Tax Receipt (BTR) used to be referred to as an Occupational License. The BTR is an annual tax for exercising the privilege of engaging in business, and is issued by the DCD’s Licensing Office.

The Certificate of Occupancy (CO) indicates that the structure in which the business is housed is habitable. The CO is issued by the Building Division of the DCD to the building owner.

The Certificate of Use (CU) is issued by the City of Cape Coral to indicate that the business location is consistent with zoning regulations and that inspections have been completed. You may apply for the CU at the DCD after approval by the Zoning Office.

Go here for Licensing
Go here for Permitting
Go here for all Applications and Forms

As a commercial business owner, these are some of the main documents you will be interested in:

Commercial Building Permit Application
Site Plan Application
Certificate of Use / Business Tax Receipts
Signage Application

New Commercial Construction
Locating in Existing Space
Licensing a Home-Based Business
Certificate of Use / Business Tax Receipt

Codes & Land Use