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P.W. GIS/Cartegraph

P.W. GIS Maps

Potholes 2011 September 10-7-11.pdf

Sign Activities-FY 2011-Yearly.pdf

Markings Monthly Map-Line Sept 2011.pdf

Markings Monthly Map-Point Sept 2011.pdf

Median Mowing City Crews 2011-2012 9-7-11.pdf

Road Shoulders FY 2011 2-8-11.pdf

OCI 2011 12-16-11.pdf

Sidewalk-Bicycle Facilities 10-20-11.pdf

Adopt a Road Map 9-22-11.pdf

Sidewalk Program FY 2012-FY2017 Grant Related Projects and Pending Applications 1-5-12.pdf

Jurisdiction 12-13-11.pdf

FY 2012 Swales.pdf

Cape Coral Traffic Signal-Flashers-All Way Stops 1-10-12.pdf

AADT Traffic Counts 2011.pdf

Audible Pedestrian Station 1-25-12.pdf

Bike Lanes- Bike Paths- Multi Use Path 5-17-12.pdf

General Disclaimer:

These maps are created, intended, and updated for internal use only.  The public is welcome to view these maps, but must understand that the information may be subject to interpretation.  Public interaction with City staff may be required to understand the correct meaning of the maps.