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Florida Friendly Landscaping Information


Hurricane Info

Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Info

Storm-wise South FL Landscapes
Reason with Hurricane Season 


Landscaping Info

FYN Landscape Patterns
Drawing a Landscape Plan
Checklist of Florida-Friendly Landscaping Practices
Basic Principle of Landscape Design
Benefits of Trees

Environmental Landscaping
Landscape Design: Site Conditions
Enviroscaping for Energy Conservation

Low Maintenance Landscape Plants
Landscaping Sample Plants and Designs
Landscape Design Low Care Ideas
Enviroscaping for Energy Conservation
Landscape Design Plant Arrangement
Adopting a Florida_Friendly Landscape


 FYN right sm *Bulletproof plants
*Best Native Plants
Native Plants for Home Landscapes

Trees for South Florida
Salt-tolerant Plants for Florida
Walkable Groundcovers
Perennial Peanut as Groundcover
Richardia as Groundcover
Hedge Plants
Annual Bedding Plants
Subtropical Fruit Crops for the Home Landscape 

Local Native Nurseries
*Florida Friendly Plant List
Native Plant Substitutions
FPL Plant the Right Tree

FL Botany Handbook
South FL Gardening Calendar
FL Friendly Plant Database
Exotic Plants1
Exotic Plants2
Herbicide Homeowner Advice
Water Wise Plant Guide

SFWMD Waterwise FL Friendly LandscapingWater Quality--What You Can Do
 FYN water sm Irrigation
Irrigation Systems--Design, Use & Maintenance
 FYN fertilize sm Home Lawn Information

General Principles of Weed Management

Identifying Plant Nutrient Deficiencies

Florida-friendly Practices for Water Protection

Florida Lawn Handbook

Florida-friendly fertilizing

Florida-friendly fertilizing tips
 FYN mulch sm  

Mulches for the Landscape


Mulch Brochure

 FYN wildlife sm FNPS Factsheet for Wildlife
Landscaping Backyards for wildlife
FL Wildflowers and Butterflies

Florida Butterfly Gardening
Dealing with Unwanted Wildlife
Common Florida Snakes
Florida Venomous Snakes
Butterflies 1          
Landscaping to Attract Birds
Native Plants that Attract Wildlife
 FYN pests sm Beneficial Insects

Landscape Pest Control
Insect Management
Identification of insect pests
Lawn Insect Pests
Chinch Bug management
Grub Management
Imported fire ants in turf
Mole cricket management
Nematode Management in Lawns
Whiteflies on Landscape Ornamentals
Natural Pest Control
Key Plants, Key Pests

 FYN recycle sm  

Compost Tips
Compost Units for the Home
Barrel Composter 

Easy Worm Bin
Yard Wastes to Assets
Composter Plans
Rotating Compost Bin

Wire Mesh Compost Bin
Wood and Wire Compost Bin
Worm Composting

  FYN stormwater sm  

Rain Barrels

Rain Gardens

Green Rainwater

  FYN waterfront sm  

Canal Owner's Manual

Littoral Plant Guide

Artificial Habitat Guide