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Art at Home

In this section you will find fun art projects to do at home alone or with your family.

Have fun, be safe and stay CREATIVE! Feel free to share your creations using the hashtag #CCVirtualRec

Artist Interviews
Check the Art Center’s Facebook page every Monday to catch up with some of your favorite local Art Center Artists!

Artist Interviews

Coloring Pages
Fun for all ages, color some of your favorite City of Cape Coral Parks and Recreation facilities!

Art Center Rubicond Park Coloring Page Sunsplash Coloring Page Cape Coral Pier Coloring Page 

--> Download and print coloring sheets below:


Crafter-Day Saturday!

Every Saturday, check out the Cape Coral Art Center Facebook page for a weekly project that includes chalk, paper or other average household items!

Crafter-Day Saturday!

DIY Face Masks
For those DIYers who are ready to bust out your sewing machine and even for those who can't sew, visit the CDC website for instructions on how to make your own face mask!

--> Share your creation with the world and tag: 
                 #CCVirtualRecreation   CCVirtualRecGetsCrafty 
DIY Facemasks

Hand Embroidery
In our fast-paced media world, hand embroidery is the perfect way to unplug! With a few simple stitches you are almost guaranteed success. Hang it on a wall, embroider your clothes, embellish household items and more! Here is a beginner video to start with:

Helpful Hints: Ways to Price Art Consistently
Ever wonder how other Artists price their works of art for exhibits, festivals or gift shop sales? The Art Center can break that down for you, here are two common ways to price your art!

Hourly Pricing

Inspiring Chalk Drawings
We all appreciate our essential workers. Share the love by grabbing some sidewalk chalk! Draw an inspiring image or write an inspiring phrase on your driveway. 

--> Show the world by tagging #CCVirtualRecGetsCrafty #CCVirtualRec

Inspiring Chalk Art

Interactive Chalk Drawing
Here are some more awesome sidewalk chalk art ideas to try at home. Find inspiration all around you!

--> Share your creations with the world by tagging #CCVirtualRec

Interactive Chalk

Thoughtful Thursdays
Join the Art Center on Facebook for art themed discussions every Thursday!
Thoughtful Thursday

Tissue Paper Flowers
Brighten someone's day with flowers! Check out this fun DIY tutorial video to learn, step by step, how to make tissue paper flowers.  Pair your handmade flower bouquet with a homemade card that comes straight from the heart. 

Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft
Let’s make a burrowing owl with some stay at home flair!

Owl Craft 2
  1. Paint a toilet paper roll the color of your choice.
  2. Once your paint dries, take the toilet paper roll and fold the top to form the ears of the owl.
  3. Draw eyes on a piece of white paper, cut out and glue. You can also choose to add eyes with paint, glued on wiggly eyes or marker!
  4. Add the beak by painting it on or gluing a triangle of paper.
  5. Use foam, cardboard or paper or the material of your choice to create two oval wings and glue them on to the size of the owl.
  6. Draw two feet on paper, color or paint them, then cut them out and glue them to the bottom of the toilet paper roll.
  7. Photograph your adorable Owl outside in its natural habitat!


Transformation Tuesday (or the day of your choice!)
Finally getting around to fixing that broken tile or painting rooms?

--> Share your before or after! #CCVirtualRecTransformations

Transformation Tuesday

Weekly Photography Challenge
Looking for a challenge? Check the Cape Coral Art Center’s Facebook page every Friday in May for a weekly photo challenge theme. Learn a new technique, practice using your gear and become more well-rounded and better at photography! Share your images related to the weekly theme in the comments section and/or create a post with #CCVirtualRec  


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