Parks & Recreation

Park Rules

The Cape Coral Parks and Recreation Department has a set of Ordinances, 73-97 and 73-05, that provide rules and regulations for parks and facilities. These were passed to provide for the safety and comfort of all that use and visit our parks. Although there are many rules included in these ordinances, the most common ones that the Cape Coral Police monitor include:
  • Parking - No parking in handicap spaces without a placard or in any fire zone.
  • Hours of Operation - Parks open at sunrise and close at sunset, except for pre-approved activities.
  • Alcoholic Beverages - Alcohol is not permitted in any park unless pre-permitted for a City-approved event.
  • Skateboarding – Skateboarding is not permitted in any park except Eagle Skatepark.
  • No Smoking – In consideration of the children, smoking is not permitted around playgrounds, bleachers, concession areas or shelters.
  • Animals - Animals are not allowed in athletic parks, playgrounds, beaches, picnic areas, nature trails, boardwalks or piers. There is a doggie park, Wagging Tails,  located at Rotary Park for our four-legged friends.

In the event that you encounter an issue in one of Cape Coral's parks, please contact the Cape Coral Police Department at (239) 574-3223.