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I had a recent name change. How do I go about changing my name on the utility account?

We would need legal documentation such as a marriage license, divorce papers, etc to have your name changed on the utility account. You can send this to us via mail, fax (239)242-3898, or you can bring the documentation in person to City Hall.

My wife/husband (family member) is deceased. How do I remove their name from the utility account?

We would need a copy of their death certificate in order to remove the name from the account.

Is there a new account charge or a deposit?

No new account charge is assessed on new accounts, however deposits, refundable after 24 months of good account history. New account applicants may be exempt from a deposit requirement if they are a new customer with a written statement from another utility company that previously provided service to the customer stating that the new customer’s account did not have, during the preceding 12 months, more than one late payment, paid with a check refused by the bank, had utility service discontinued for non-payment, tampered with a meter or used utility service in a fraudulent or unauthorized manner. A customer who has had a previous utility account with the City may be exempted from paying a customer deposit if their previous account history meets the above stated criteria.

Where are you located? What is your physical address?

Our physical address is 1015 Cultural Park Blvd Cape Coral, FL 33990.

Can I have my utility account bill deducted from my credit card or bank account each month?

At this time, we are unable to made an automatic deduction for your utility account bill from a credit card. However, we do accept credit card (Visa or Master Card) payments over the phone or you may make payment using the Click2Gov Utilities online payment system. You will need to use the temporary PIN number provided on the front of your utility bill to obtain your personal PIN number for future online payments of your utility bill. We also have a Direct Pay program that automatically deducts your utility bill from your checking account. To sign up for the checking account deductions, we would need a copy of a voided check and the City’s Direct Pay application form completed. Click here for the Direct Pay Application.

I am certain that I did not use that much water on my last utility bill. What can be done to check the meter?

First, check all toilets and valves for any visible or silent leaks. If you have a pool, check your equipment or solar paneling for any visible leaks. Upon your request call 239-574-7722, a field representative will visit your property to verify that the read is correct and check for any meter dial movement that could identify that there may be a leak on the property.

Do I have a grace period to pay my utility bill?

"Bills are due when rendered. Bills are considered past due if not paid within 20 days of the bill date. If payments are received more than 20 days after the bill date, the payment is considered delinquent."

What days can I water my lawn?

You can find this information on the back of your billing statement or call the Customer Billing Services Division at 574-7722.

Can I make a payment at any other location in the City?

Yes, there are several drop locations located at: Customer Billing Services and City Hall.