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Financial Services

Budget and Budget Process

A budget is a plan for using the City government’s financial resources. The budget discloses proposed expenditures for a given period and the proposed means of paying for those expenditures. Two basic components of a budget are the revenue or sources section and the expenditures or uses section.

What is the budget process?

  • City Council meets with the City Manager and Department Directors to discuss the upcoming year’s fiscal policy and budget issues
  • Budget instructions are sent to department
  • Departments formulate budget plan
  • Budgets are due back to the Budget Division from Department
  • Analysis of budgets completed by Budget Analysts
  • Summary documents are prepared for the City Manager
  • City Manager meets with each department to review budget requests and service level priorities
  • City receives preliminary taxable assessed value from Lee County Property Appraiser
  • City Manager finalizes departmental meetings and formulates a proposed budget
  • City Manager’s Proposed Budget is submitted to City Council for review
  • City Council sets tentative millage rate for general operations
  • Five-year Assets Improvement Program introduced and adopted by City Council
  • TRIM notices are mailed to property owners by Lee County Property Appraiser
  • City Council workshops held to discuss proposed budget
  • Two public hearings are held
  • Millage rates and the operating budget adopted to include changes to five-year asset improvement program