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Subdivision Plats

Development Services reviews and processes applications for the recording of plats for residential and commercial subdivisions in accordance with Chapter 177, Florida Statutes and the City of Cape Coral Land Use and Development Regulations.  All new subdivisions are reviewed and approved through the PDP procedure. The PDP approves the subdivision plan which becomes the basis for the subsequent SDP and final plat. Once subdivision plan approval is obtained through the PDP, subsequent submittals of SDP’s and Plats for all subdivisions are processed through Development Services.

The review and approval process is administrative in nature and the Technical Guidelines for Plat Approval will assist you in preparing and submitting plats for review. Plats are placed on the City Council’s consent agenda and accepted during regularly scheduled meetings.

If you have additional questions, you may contact the Development Services Group for additional information regarding the plat approval process. 

Plat documents are located at the following links:

Preliminary (Paper) Plat Submittal Review

The following items must be submitted, together as part of the initial submittal, in order to be accepted by the City for preliminary plat review:

  1. Seven (7) copies of a fully completed Application for Plat Review.
  2. Seven (7) copies of paper prints (24”x36”) of the plat containing all of the items specified in the City of Cape Coral’s Technical Guidelines for Plat Approval.
  3. Three (3) copies of the Title Certification, no greater than 90 days old, meeting the requirements of Section H of the City’s Technical Guidelines for Plat Approval must be submitted. The legal description on the face of the plat must match legal description included in the certification.
  4. Two (2) copies of the Easement/Tract Location Table specified under Section I.3 in the City’s Technical Guidelines for Plat Approval.
  5. Two (2) signed and sealed copies of the boundary survey meeting the requirements of Section H.2 of the City’s Technical Guidelines for Plat Approval. The legal description for the survey must match the legal description on the face of the plat.
  6. One set of draft Property Owner documents meeting the requirements of Section G.3 of the City’s Technical Guidelines for Plat Approval, including the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declaration, and the City’s completed Infrastructure Maintenance/ Property Owner Association (POA) Checklist. Previously approved and recorded documents covering the proposed plat area may be submitted in lieu of draft documents.

The Preliminary Plat Review Process is administrative. Once the applicant has supplied all the required documentation and has received approval of the paper plat, the mylars may be submitted as outlined below. (Applicants are advised to delay preparation of mylars until the plat has final approval from staff.)

Required Documents

The following items must be submitted for review and approval prior to the plat being scheduled for acceptance by City Council. These documents will not be accepted if submitted individually and must be submitted with the initial preliminary plat submittal, as part of the response to the City’s preliminary plat review comments or they may be submitted with the final mylar submittal.

  1. Fully executed, original consent and joinder documents to be recorded with the plat, unless the consent is on the face of the plat.
  2. Recorded Property Owner Documents or evidence the approved documents have been recorded in the Public Records.
  3. A validated tax receipt showing that taxes are paid on the lands to be platted consistent with Florida Statutes Section 197.333 including a list of relevant STRAP #’s with G.I.S. base map depicting same. The plat mylars will not be accepted absent proof as to payment of all taxes due and owing.
  4. Road name approval letter(s) from Lee County Emergency Services (E-911).
  5. A list of lot and tract sizes in square feet, if not shown on the plat.
  6. Letters of approval from all applicable utility service providers.
  7. Pre-approved assurance of completion (letter of credit, bond, or escrow account) or a certificate of completion for all subdivision improvements and survey monumentation.

Final Mylar Submittal, Execution and Acceptance

The following items must be submitted for approval prior to the plat being placed on the City Council’s consent agenda for acceptance:

  1. One (1) set of original Mylar drawings with original signatures and seals.
    • All signatures must be signed with black permanent waterproof ink.
    • Impression seals must be raised and clearly readable.
    • Ink print seals must be permanent black waterproof ink and clearly readable.
    • All seals for surveyors, notaries, banks, corporations, etc, must be placed within the sheet margins established for the plat. Seals must appear on the same page as the signature to which it relates.
  2. An updated title certification. Depending on the timing of the mylar submittal, the age of the updated title certification and the City Council meeting date. A title certification updated through a date established by the City of Cape Coral’s Attorney’s office may be required.


The developer shall pay to the City all fees associated with recording the plat and associated documents with the Lee County Clerk, including the cost of providing two certified copies of the recorded plat for the City's use. The City will record the signed plat after receiving the Mayor’s signature. No building permits will be issued until the plat has been recorded.

Under Florida Statutes §197.333, taxes become due and payable on November 1st of each year. If the final plat has been accepted by the City but the plat has not been recorded prior to November 1st, taxes must be paid before the plat will be recorded.