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To use the following Forms and Applications, simply open the document and save it to your hard disk. The document can then be filled out by typing in the gray boxes. 

If you have difficulty understanding what information is required for a specific field, just place your cursor in that field and click F1.

To navigate from field to field, click the tab key. Clicking the tab key will also update the calculation fields.  Please call 239-574-0546 if you have questions regarding the on-line forms.

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Title     Date Description
Addition/Remodel   1/7/2019   
Change of Occupancy   8/28/2013   
Commercial   1/7/2019  New Construction Only
Enclosure/Fence    12/1/2018     
Marine Improvement   10/30/2018   
Miscellaneous   10/30/2018  above ground pool, demolition, driveway, garage door, irrigation, LP tank, retaining wall, shed, shutters, slab, soffit/fascia, solar heater, window/door
Pool    11/10/2018   
Register as a Private Provider   8/24/2017   
Residential New Construction   11/29/2017   
Re-Sod   10/16/2014   
Temporary Offsite Vehicle Sales    3/27/2012     
Trade   12/1/2018   
Well Completion Report   12/29/2018   
Well Permit   10/18/2012     
Well - Owner Authorization Form   9/14/2017   


Title Date Description
After Hours Inspection Request   11/22/2010   
Asbestos Notice DCD-2012   12/12/2008   
Authorization Form for Escrow Request   9/28/2018  Authorization to activate an escrow account.
Authorization Letter DCD-2014   4/26/2010  Authorizing individual(s) to act as agent.
CO/CC Request Form   4/28/2018  Form to request CO or CC
Completion Notification Letter   7/29/2014  Request for new contractor to complete project.
Duct Certification - Mandatory   2/16/2019   
Extension Request DCD-2002   4/7/2016   
Furniture Letter - Contractors Only   11/15/2018  Required to be approved prior to placing furniture in house before CO.
Garage Storage Owner/Builders   11/15/2018  Required to be approved prior to placing furniture in garage before CO
Hold Harmless – UtConnection Agreement   3/4/2014   
HVAC Data Sheet   9/26/2018   
Master SFR Cover Sheet   11/18/2015   
Meter & Irrigation Removal/Reinstall Agreement   4/19/2010   
Notice of Commencement   7/27/2017   
Notice of Preventative Treatments for Termites   9/15/2015   
Notice to Owner DCD-2009   12/12/2008  Regarding utility services
Owner Authorization Form for Well Permits   9/14/2017   
Permit Cancellation Letter   11/29/2017   
Permit Copies   9/21/2017  Form used to request copies of an active permit
Revision Form - Commercial & Residential   3/3/2014   
Road Impact Fee Credits Use   4/26/2010   
Roof Replacement Data Sheet   6/22/2019   
Window/Door/Shutter Worksheet   3/26/2019   
SAJ-91 Checklist/Data Requirements   4/27/2016   
Skylight Data Sheet 5/31/2019  
Solar/Vent Data Sheet   7/22/2016   
Sub-Contractor Attachment Form   1/18/2018   
TCO Request/Extension   4/26/2010   
Transfer Request Road Impact Fee Credits   4/26/2010   
Used Boatlift Hold Harmless Letter   7/25/2017   

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