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Landscape Plan Approval

New Construction Landscape Plan Requirements:

The SDP approval process requires an applicant to submit a Landscape Plan with the SDP Application.  Landscape code requirements can be found in Section V of the LUDR.  Landscape Plans must meet the following requirements and contain the following information in accordance with Section V of the LUDR:

  • Landscape Plans must be signed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Landscape Architect, or other licensed professional authorized pursuant to Chapter 481, pt. II, Florida Statutes, as amended.
  • Zoning district, future land use classification for the subject parcel and all abutting parcels.
  • The approximate location, quantity, diameter/caliper, botanical and common name, and native status of all heritage trees and other existing trees with a caliper of two (2) inches or greater, and whether they are proposed to be preserved or removed. Trees to be removed, if any, shall be indicated on a separate sheet.
  • Please review the 6 types of landscaping design features that may be required depending on the site location and specific elements of the development:
    • Foundation Landscaping
    • Landscaping Adjacent to Roads
    • Off-street Parking
    • Vehicle Use Areas
    • Retention/Detention Areas
    • Buffer Yards
  • Location, quantity, spacing, diameter/caliper, overall height (at time of planting) of proposed trees, palm trees, botanical and common name, and native status. Any existing trees located within the street right-of-way, between the closest outside edge of pavement and the subject property shall be shown.
  • Location, quantity, spacing, container size, overall height (at time of planting) of proposed shrubs and groundcover, botanical and common name, and native status.
  • Types, amounts, and placement of other hardscape materials such as berms and walls required by this Section or Section 5.6., or both.
  • A statement and/or plan describing compliance with the irrigation standards of these regulations.
  • Location and type of existing and proposed utility lines, easements, electrical transformer boxes, fire hydrants or fire appliances, sidewalks, parking spaces, light poles and stop signs.
  • Indication of existing and proposed grades if existing vegetation is to be retained on site.
  • Existing or proposed onsite curbing.
  • Calculations, notes, and installation details indicating how the proposed landscaping will be in compliance with requirements of this Section.
  • Vegetation protection barricades to be used during construction, for all trees to be preserved.
  • Safe sight distance triangles.
  • Locations of proposed and existing off-street parking area lighting, if applicable.
  • A note that all existing prohibited vegetation shall be removed.

Landscape Plan Amendment Process

A Landscape Plan Amendment requires approval prior to site modifications and must comply with Section 5.2., LUDR. Most modifications can be approved administratively through the SDP Limited Review process. Modifications to an existing site that require approval of an amended landscape plan include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Replacement of any plant indicated on an approved landscape plan with a plant of a different species, or;
  • The reduction of any quantity or size of plants, below the size that was indicated on the most recently approved landscape plan, or;

The substitution of a specific species that has been prescribed as a condition of approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Zoning Adjustment and Appeals, or City Council. Amendments in this group must be approved by the same procedure as the original approval.

The application may be accessed by clicking: SDP Limited Review Application.