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Electronic Submittals

Consultants wishing to utilize the eTRAKiT system for "project" submittals must establish a "contractor" account to fully access information on their projects and associated permits.  To establish an account please fill out the Consultant Registration Form and email it to  Once the information is received and uploaded you will be notified of your access PIN.  Go to the eTRAKiT Portal and login as a contractor at the very top of the page, the PIN will allow an account password to be created. 

Once an account is established the consultant will have access to apply for "Projects", SDP approval, upload required project materials directly into CRW, pay fees and track project/permit status. CRW is the City's tracking system for projects and permits. To maintain consistency in our plan approval process the standard paper application has been updated to compliment our electronic submittal process.  All projects whether submitted electronically our in person must fill out and submit the new SDP application and associated forms/agreements.  A couple of the old forms are no longer required for project submittal and the use of the remaining forms has been clarified in the application.  All files submitted electronically should be in PDF format, please refer to the instruction in the new SDP application.  Additional options will be made available under "Projects" as the City's conversion to electronic submittal  progresses.

The following bullet points are a brief outline to a successful electronic submittal, please read the instructions in the SDP application as well.  Go to the eTRAKiT portal and select "Apply" under the "Projects" area of the page, select "New" "Site Plan".

  • Complete the process to obtain a "Project Number, SP14-00XX" prior to uploading files. (See payment below.)
  • The new standard paper application must be filled out completely, executed and color scanned for uploading.
  • Please fill out the eTRAKiT online project data information completely, use n/a as necessary.
  • Payment of fees may be made online or otherwise, remitting the payment within 5 business days.
  • Use the dashboard to access "Projects" for editing/uploading plans and documents.
  • Upload files containing the "Project Number" in the file name, see instructions in new application.

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