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The Development Services Group, formerly Site Development and Review under the Public Works Department, is a new addition to the Department of Community Development. This shift is a major step in the City’s ongoing efforts to streamline and simplify the development and approval process. Development Services coordinates the plan review and approval process for all land development activities in the City other than single family and duplex construction on existing platted lots. While issuing development permits for land development projects is a large component of Development Services, we also provide review and approval of subdivision plats and modifications to landscape plans. During construction, Development Services inspectors provide the required inspections to assure compliance with the approved plans and assist with bringing the project to a smooth completion.

Development Services is in the process of implementing electronic submittal capability for all permit and plan reviews processed by the division. The Site Development Plan (SDP) approval process, currently known as Site Plan Approval process, is the first review to be implemented in the eTRAKiT system. The electronic SDP application submittal process is currently being tested by select consultants and will soon be available to all consultants. Additional reviews and permits will be added as the transition moves forward.

Simultaneously with the introduction of electronic permitting, the Land Use and Development Regulations for the City of Cape Coral are currently undergoing review and revision.  With those two events in mind all of the forms and processes utilized by Development Services have been reviewed and updated.  The forms are more user friendly, available online, and provide better access to information required for each process or permit.   While the forms can be filled out electronically, for the time being they require original signatures and notarization.    To be consistent with proposed LUDR changes some of the terminology has been revised in anticipation of adoption by City Council.  All terminology changes are being proposed to reduce confusion between permitting processes and increase consistency with the upcoming LUDR revisions.  Notable proposed changes contained in the revised forms are:

  • Site Plan vs. Site Development Plan.  Site plan is currently both a process for site development approval and a required drawing sheet for a commercial building permit.   The process in LUDR Section 4.4 will be renamed “Site Development Plan approval and permitting process”  or “Site Development Plan approval process.”
  • Permit; Building Permit; Development Permit; Site Permit; and Site Plan Permit are all terms utilized within the LUDR and/or the City’s current permitting and approval process.  All permits related to land development activities will be referred to as Site Development Permits.

Prior to embarking on a full fledged engineering design, landscaping, and planning effort for a project, developers may request an Advisory Meeting with City staff. Advisory meetings are optional for Site Development Projects (SDP) but are required for those projects that must be approved through the Planned Development Project (PDP) process.  Refer to the Advisory Meeting tab for more information and to view the available schedule.

Site Development Plan Information and Applications:

Projects which are not required to go through the PDP process move directly to the SDP approval process.  SDP applications are processed by Development Services to ensure compliance with the City of Cape Coral Engineering Design Standards (EDS) and the Land Use and Development Regulations (LUDR). Once the plans are approved, Development Services issues a development permit and coordinates the required construction inspections to ensure conformance with the approved plans. Please refer the Site Development Plan tab for more information and applications. Refer to the Planning Division home page for information regarding PDP procedures.

Subdivision Plat Information and Application:

All new subdivisions are reviewed and approved through the PDP process. The PDP approves the subdivision plan which becomes the basis for the subsequent SDP and final plat. Once subdivision plan approval is obtained through the PDP, subsequent submittals of SDP’s and Plats for all subdivisions are processed through Development Services. The plat review process is administrative and the City’s final acceptance of the plat for recording requires the Mayors signature. The plat is brought before City Council as an item on the consent agenda at a regularly scheduled City Council meeting. Please refer to the Subdivision Plat tab for additional details and application forms.

Electronic Submittal Information:

Development Services is currently working with the ITS department to implement electronic plan and permit submittal procedures. In-house testing of electronic submittals for SDP’s and Advisory meetings have been completed. Select consultants are currently utilizing the eTRAKiT system as the final stage of testing before full implementation. Electronic submittal through our eTRAKiT system will soon be open to all consultants. Refer to the Electronic Submittal tab for additional information.

Project Completion and Acceptance:

All projects are required to submit an Engineer's Certification Letter stating the constructed project was built in accordance with the approved plans along with record drawings to document the locations and elevations of key features. Those projects, which include construction of facilities to be turned over to the City for ownership and maintenance, must also provide additional documentation to support the acceptance of those facilities by the City. Please refer to the Project Completion and Acceptance tab for additional information regarding the closeout of a project and development permit.

Landscape Plan Approval Information:

Landscape plan review is a service that is provided through the Development Services Division. A typical SDP approval process requires an applicant to submit a landscape plan within their plan set for project approval. Staff also provides review and approval of modifications to approved landscape plans for commercial sites through the SDP limited review process. Please refer to the Landscape Plan Approval tab for additional details and application forms.

Other Development Permits:

In addition to SDP review, Development Services also issues permits for various other land development related activities such as:

  • Full Demo (Residential and Commercial);
  • Partial Demo (the Building Division will process the Demo for reconstruction if leaving at least one wall in place);
  • Parking Lot (reseal and restripe);
  • Land Clearing;
  • Fill;
  • Underground Fire Line Permits;
  • Spot Dredge (primarily canals at individual home sites); and
  • Residential drainage culvert relocation permit.

Working closely with the Utilities Department and Customer Billing Services (CBS), Development Services also provides permit coordination for the issuance of:

  • Domestic Backflow Modification Permits

 Refer to the Other Development Permits tab for additional information and applications.

 Contact information:

Development Services   (239) 573-3167
David A. Hyyti, P.E.
     Manager   (239) 573-3184
 Dana Moller
    Horticulture Inspector  (239) 573-3190
 Heather Plummer
    Permit Coordinator   (239) 573-3167
 Greg Harder
    Senior Construction Inspector 
 (239) 826-1569