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Code Compliance Division Staff

NOTE: If you would like to submit a code compliance complaint please call 239-574-0613.  This will insure the information is entered into our system and assigned to the correct zone officer for investigation.

Rich Carr
Code Compliance Division Manager
Ph# (239) 574-0613

Carol Rall
Code Compliance Division
Customer Support Supervisor
Ph# (239) 574-0624

Kristy Herrera
Code Compliance Division
Ph# (239) 242-3787

James Milligan
Code Compliance Division
Ph# (239) 242-3271

Todd Hoagland
Code Compliance Division
Ph# (239) 242-3789



Code Compliance Division Officers/Staff

Code Compliance Division
1015 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL
Ofc 239-574-0613
Fax 239-574-0611

Code Compliance Division Manager:
Richard Carr

Customer Support Supervisor:
Carol Rall
Recording Secretary(s):
     Anne Blakesley
     James "Deon" Anderson

Senior CSR Licensing:
     Maricel Hernandez

CSR Licensing:
     Priscilla Rodriguez
     Diane Oliver

     Kiera McManness
     Diane Cruz

Code Compliance Teams:

North Team
Supervisor: James Mulligan
     Mike Luzzi
     Robert Liguori
     Cathy Williamson
     Scott Shangraw
     Ryan Kenney

Licensing Investigator(s):
               Paul Gates

               Sean Dowd

Central Team
Supervisor: Todd Hoagland
     Dawn Habel
     Susan Hosbach
     Tina Matta
     Letisha Eyster   
South Team
Supervisor: Kristy Herrera
     Suzanne Naughton
     Pamela Clarke
     Stuart Brown
     Marty Lehman
     Darron Malone
     Anthony Caporaso
     Patrick Hayhurst

Eric Speranza
Marilyn Morrison
Michael Cadunzi

Watering Officers:
    Anthony DiMichele

    Dave Foley