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Common Code Compliance Issues

Click Here for a brief summary of some provisions of the City of Cape Coral Code of Ordinances and Land Use & Development Regulations.  This material is provided for information purposes only.  For further explanation, the entire code is available by going to the web site.

Garage Sales
Residents accumulate many items which are no longer desired to be retained by them. One method of disposing of surplus items is through a sale method known as garage, yard, estate, carport or patio sales and the like by whatever name designated, all of which are heretofore and hereafter referred to as garage sales which shall not be considered as a home occupation or as a home business.  Garage sales are permitted to be held for a period not to exceed three days, on the basis of three such activities per residence per year, not to be held closer than 30 days apart.  Click the link below, it will direct you to the Garage Sale Permit page.

Please review the Garage Sale ordinance here under ARTICLE III: Section 3.21 before conducting a garage sale.

Garage Sale Permit

Business Signs
Cape Coral has a sign ordinance that defines what type and size a business sign may be.  Click HERE to review ARTICLE VII SIGNS.

RV Permit  RV permits can be applied for by clicking the RV Permit link.  Please print and display the RV permit on the RV.

International Property Maintenance Code
Cape Coral has adopted the 2021 International Property Maintenance Code. Click HERE to view the codes.