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Advisory Meetings

Advisory meetings are a service offered by the City to allow developers and consultants an opportunity to obtain preliminary, nonbinding feedback on proposed development projects or preliminary plans. Advisory meetings can range from one on one consultation to discuss preliminary concepts up to a full staff review of preliminary plans.

All advisory meetings that involve full staff review and comment require the applicant to submit a Letter of Intent describing the proposed development along with a Preliminary Plan showing the pertinent features of the proposed project. The more detail provided in the Letter of Intent and the Preliminary Plan(s) the more accurate and reliable the staff review and comments. Upon receipt of Preliminary Plans and a Letter of Intent, requesting an advisory meeting, the plans are routed to the appropriate staff for review and comment. Staff review typically takes 8 to 10 business days. All staff comments are preliminary and subject to change upon review of a formal, fully documented application for plan approval. Advisory meetings are reserved to every other Tuesday afternoon and scheduled in 3 one-hour time slots. Every effort is made to provide staff comments to the applicant for review prior to the meeting.

Advisory meetings that do not require full staff review may be scheduled in the regular Tuesday afternoon time slots or may be arranged to accommodate staff schedules.

Preliminary plans and letters of intent may be submitted to Development Services via email at

An advisory meeting is required for PDP’s and may be scheduled as a typical Tuesday afternoon meeting with full staff review or it may be scheduled with the Planning Division for those applicants familiar with the process.

Typical Advisory review includes staff members from the following disciplines: Planning/Environmental, Horticulture, Fire, Site Development (Engineering, Surface Water Management and Transportation), Utilities, Customer Billing Services, and Real Estate. Under special circumstances additional staff may be requested to attend.

The Advisory Meeting schedule is shown on the calendar below. Meetings may be canceled up to a week ahead for unscheduled time slots in order to fee up staff time and meeting space for other purposes.