City Clerk

History of the City Clerk

History of the City Clerk

The office of the City Clerk is one of the oldest in municipal government. The Clerk is responsible for editing, compiling and publishing agendas and minutes for official meetings. The City Clerk's office is also charged with maintaining all the records of the municipality. Storing documents and following records retention guidelines as set forth by the State of Florida are an important part of the Clerk's function. In modern times the evolution of electronic storage and scanning has become a vital part in working with less storage space and tighter budgets but continuing to maintain the documents appropriately. As the City has grown so has the amount of paperwork that is generated as well as our responsibility in taking proper care of the records.

Current City Clerk (Interim)

Kimberly Bruns
2018 -
Phone: 239.574.0411

Prior City Clerks

Rebbeca vanDeutekom
Rebecca van Deutekom
City Clerk 2010 - 2018
Appointed in April, 2010, Rebecca is only the 4th City Clerk for Cape Coral. She is preceded by Bonnie Potter, the longest seated Cape Coral City Clerk.  Rebecca had served as Executive Assistant to the Cape Coral City Manager prior to her appointment and also served as Deputy Town Clerk of Estes, Colorado for 5 1/2 years.

Bonnie Potter
City Clerk 1994 - 2010

Bonnie started working with the City of Cape Coral in 1975 as a minutes secretary working up to Deputy City Clerk and finally City Clerk in 1994.  Bonnie was the longest serving City Clerk and did many things to implement modern technology in City Clerk's office.

Eula J
Eula Jorgensen
City Clerk 1979 - 1994
Eula followed Helen as City Clerk in February 1979. She is the second longest running City Clerk. In 1994, she stepped down as City Clerk when the Deputy City Clerk position was eliminated so Bonnie Potter could take her position. Eula has the distinction of buying the first pair of high heeled shoes sold in Cape Coral.

Helen Peck

City Clerk 1970 - 1978
Helen had originally run for Council District #6 and lost by a mere 17 votes. She was the founder of the New Resident's Greeting Service and the New Resident's Club along with being active with the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce. As first City Clerk, she was paid nothing! She was paid $2.00 an hour as the secretary.