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City Hall Complex

Cape Coral City Hall Complex 

City Hall, the heart of all City functions, has grown just as the City has over the years.  Three different buildings have been built to house City Hall.  The first was on Del Prado Blvd., the second on Nicholas Pkwy. and currently on Cultural Park Blvd.  

The Complex now consists of City Hall, the Police Department, the Emergency Operations Center and the old City Hall building.  Pictures of all these locations can be seen in the galleries to the right.

Our Police Department was most recently housed in the building that had been City Hall for almost 30 years, but made history of their own by building the new Police Department building in 2009.  You can view the history of the Police Department on their website.

Some articles submitted by Phyllis Koelber were about the Police Department.  Click on the links below to view these articles:

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Cape Police Department - Undated

Cape Police Department - 1/10/1974 Breeze

Cape Police Department - 8/4/1975 Breeze

Cape Police Department - 8/1976

Cape Police Department - 8/9/1978

Cape Police Department - 8/9/1979

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