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Cape Coral in the News

Cape Coral has long been in the news in Southwest Florida.  Phyllis Koelber, a long-time resident and ex-wife of Fred Koelber, an employee of Cape Coral Police, starting collecting news articles when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  

Fred Koelber worked as Community Relations director and served as part of a special crisis squad in the Police Department.  Because of his involvement with the city, Phyllis had a special interest in the city as well.  

Her clippings include a wide range of subjects - from the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Elvis to the landing on the moon and the explosion of the Challenger as well as notable events such as the black out in New York City, the Bicentennial and Hurricanes Donna, Eloise and Charley.  When she read of the historical outreach, she brought in her collection to share with us.

If you click on the links below you can view the articles and photos about Cape Coral from her collection.



Incorporation was Cape's 1970 Top Story - December 31, 1970 

Picture of Tree Masher

Breeze - Free Copy - March 4, 1971

Easter Services

'Bring Presents' Children Tell Santa - December 6, 1973

Big City

Cape Coral - age 20 and getting better

Carpet in Council Chambers - 1974

Cape Coral News - January 2, 1977

Yacht Club

City has time to correct problems - March 22, 1978 

1st City Hall Building Site 

15 golfers formed a club - The Breeze 20th Anniversary Edition   

1st City Hall Grand Opening

Cape Coral will need more industry - March 22, 1978

Cape Coral Hospital Opens - News Press March 22, 1978

Getting Cape Coral 'on the map' no simple task - March 22, 1978

1st City Hall Modern Council Chambers 

Telling it like it is, er, was - April 1988 

Little Traffic on Cape Bridge

Numbered street system sometimes confusing - August 2000

Not as Many Places to go

Residents approve incorporation in 1970 - August 2000

Breeze Employee Selling Ads & Subscriptions

Cape development affects environmental attitudes

Kids on their way to school in Fort Myers

Out of retirement, into a city - August 26, 1980

Aerial of Cape Coral Hospital

 Cape has time to correct problems caused by little awareness - News Press March 12, 1978


Undated photo - tip of Cape Coral

 New school may bring boom to Cape's desolate outback - 1978 

Architect's Drawing of New Cape Coral High School - News Press April 29, 1978

10th birthday comes with little fanfare - 1980 

Cape kids show their patriotism - undated

Population boom changes face of Cape Coral - February 19, 1985 News Press

But, where's Bing? - 1966

The Cape looked like a pioneering place - The Breeze 20th Anniversary Edition

Cranes Dredging Canals 

Eileen Bernard and the lies that came true - Breeze - Cape Coral 25th Anniversary August 16, 1995

 Progress made on replacing Cape street signs - News Press November 11, 2004

Bernie Braden sees a bright future for the Cape - Breeze - Cape Coral 25th Anniversary August 16, 1995