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Please refer to the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections and the Lee County Elections websites for copies of forms and other candidate information.    

As always, if you have any questions regarding these forms or your candidacy, please contact the City Clerk's Office by phone 239.574.0411 or email City Clerk Email.

Form ID Number List of Candidate forms utilized during Elections - Please refer to links above for copies of these forms.    
N/A  Polling Places - Primary    
N/A  Election Laws    
N/A  2017 Candidate Handbook       
N/A  Candidate and Campaign Treasurer’s Handbook DOS    
N/A  Foreign Nationals Brochure    
N/A  Call Before You Dig    
N/A  Campaign Signs    
DS-DE 9  Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for  Candidates    
DS-DE 84  Statement of Candidate    
DS-DE 302NP  Candidate Oath - Nonpartisan Office    
CE Form 1  Statement of Financial Interests    
DS-DE 12  Campaign Treasurer’s Report Summary    
DS-DE 13  Campaign Treasurer’s Report – Itemized Contributions    
DS-DE 14  Campaign Treasurer’s Report – Itemized Expenditures    
DS-DE 14A  Campaign Treasurer's Report - Itemized Distributions    
DS-DE 13A  Campaign Treasurer’s Report – Fund TransfersCampaign Treasurer’s Report –  Fund Transfers    
DS-DE 13  Campaign Treasurer’s Report – Summary, Itemized Contributions & Itemized   Expenditures – Automatically Calculating Forms    
DS-DE 87  Waiver of Report    
DS-DE 73  Campaign Loan Report    
DS-DE 34  Elections Fraud Complaint    
PAC - DS-DE 5  Statement of Organization for Political Committee    
PAC - DS-DE 6   Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign   Depository for Political Committees    
PAC - DS-DE 41   Registered Agent Statement of Appointment    
N/A  Political Committee Handbook