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Building Permits & Contractor Reports


ALL PERMITS ISSUED YTD - 2021 - updated 1st of every month  
For your convenience, this report is available in Microsoft Excel format; whereas, you can filter and sort accordingly to obtain the specific data you need. 

PERMIT TOTALS REPORT - JANUARY 2021 - Building Department Statistical Report
The two reports above are updated monthly; typically during the first week of the month.




Permits by Contractor or Location
The City of Cape Coral also provides reports for active permits by contractor and permits issued for a particular location on the City's GIS mapping site.  Please click here  and select the Active Permits by Contractor or Permits by Address on the right of the screen, after accepting the disclaimer. 

Permit Detail Information
You can find specific information about permits through the eTRAKIT software  on the City website.  Once on the page, to view a specific permit, you click on the 'Permits' link and enter the permit number in the field titled 'search string'.  The permit will appear in a row below; double click on the permit and a detail box will be provided with various information pertaining to the permit.  There are 6 tabs at the top of the detail box for you to choose from. 

Business & Contractor Information
You can find contractors licensed through the City on the Economic Development section of the City website. Click here  to find information pertaining to over 8,000 businesses.  There are three tabs to choose the way in which you would like to search for the businesses.

You can also search for contractors through the eTRAKIT software  on the City website. On the main page of the software click on 'Contractors'.  When on the page, you have various options to choose from in the pull down menus in the area titled 'Search Field and operator'.  When you have chosen what you would like to search, i.e. owner name, license type, company name, etc. you enter the search parameters in the field titled 'Search String'.  For example - to search for Pool contractors you would select License Type in the Search Field and enter 'pool' in the Search String area.  The list of pool contractors will appear in a box below.