Utilities Extension Project

  • Dewatering system
  • Sewer Pipe Install
  • Water Lateral  Service Installation
  • Irrigation Lateral Service Install
  • Storm Water Pipe Installaiton
  • Typical Roadway Restoration
  • Asphalt Placement

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Southwest 6 & 7 Construction Schedule


Southwest 6 & 7 UEP is divided into 12 construction areas, and there are seven contracts for the project.  The map below identifies the construction areas, the seven contractors and the estimated time to complete each contract. For detailed construction schedules for each area, please see the links below the main map.

                 SW   Overall Map

Contract I Area 7           Contract II Area 3               Contract III Areas 11-12               Contract IV Areas 4-5

Contract V Areas 9-10                 Contract VI Areas 1-2                 Contract VII Areas 6-8