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Where can I obtain a schedule of water & sewer fees and meter installation costs?

Click here for Residential Water, Irrigation, & Wastewater Rates.

What is the difference between assessments and Contribution In Aid of Construction (CIAC) fees?

Assessments are one-time fees charged to all, including vacant parcels in the assessment area. These fees are due after the assessment project is approved by council. The amount of the assessment is calculated to reimburse the costs of the assessment project, including finance/bonding fees, by charging a per equivalent lot (5,000 sq. ft.) or a per parcel (10,000 sq. ft) fee, on each parcel within the assessment project area.

Contribution In Aid of Construction (CIAC) is a one-time fee charged to properties that are not located in an assessment project area, but have City services for water, sewer and/or irrigation available. The amount of the CIAC fee is based upon the number of meters, and meter sizes. Click here for the current CIAC rates. The rates are due at the time of development.

Both assessment and CIAC fees may be paid in installments, billed annually with interest.

Is there an interest rate charged for financing capital expansion fees?

Yes, the capital expansion fee(s) loan will accrue interest at the prime rate, plus 2%, existing at the end of the month preceding the date the capital expansion fee(s) loan is initiated.

What if I cannot afford to pay my utilities assessments?

The City provides a Hardship Deferral Option for permanent residents of Cape Coral.  Residents must meet specific income guidelines as established by the federal government.  The City also offers financial assistance through Community Development Block Grants to very low income families to connect to the system.

Click here to download the Hardship Application Package

When we connect to City Services, does the City make the connection or does the property owner have to hire a plumber?

It is the property owner’s responsibility to have the connection completed.

Click here for the utility connection permit application.

Click here for the owner/builder affidavit.

Click here for the New Construction/Utility Extension Services Application.

Click here for the septic abandonment application.

Click here for the Affidavit of Chlorination.

Click here for the Water Hook-Up Instructions.

Click here for the Sewer Hook-Up Instructions.

Click here for the Dual Water Hook-Up Instructions.

Click here for the Water/Sewer Pressure Test Affidavit.

Can we choose not to connect to City utilities?

Connection to City utilities for water and sewer is mandatory if the utilities are available to the property. Connection to irrigation water is optional. However, the irrigation assessment is due whether or not you use the service.

Who do I contact to ask if City utilities are available on a parcel?

Contact the Customer Billing Services - New Construction at (239) 242-3853.