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Certificate of Use Fire Inspections

Certificate of Use Fire Inspections
(Please note the following are only a few common issues)

Building shall be 90% set up for business with furniture and fixtures in place.

1. Certified fire extinguisher (Minimum 2A10BC) hung 4 inches from the bottom to 5 feet to the top of the extinguisher. Must have current tag by a Florida licensed extinguisher contractor.

2. Exit and emergency lights work under electric and battery.

3. Use of extension cords for permanent power is prohibited. Use of a surge protector with breaker is allowed; only one per plug outlet.

4. Exits on both sides of the door shall be free and clear of all objects.

5. No storage above marked exits.

6. Power cords shall not go under doors, rugs, through holes in walls, or through ceiling tiles.

7. Barbeque grills shall not be stored or used on balconies.

8. If building has an alarm and sprinkler; they shall be inspected annually.

9. Commercial hood systems shall be cleaned and tagged as prescribed by use.
  • 24 hour operation every 3 months, normal use every 6 months

10. Address on building with 6 inch numbers contrasting to building color.

11. Electric panel with 3 feet clear path in front.

12. No storage within 18 inches of a sprinklered ceiling.

13. No storage within 12 inches of an unsprinklered ceiling.

14. No storage under stairs.

15. Fire doors shall be operational and not propped open.

While these are just a few of many required fire codes, please keep the safety of you, your employees, your customer, and our firefighters in mind.