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Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division within the Public Works Department is responsible for the upkeep and improvements to all of the storm water and transportation assets within the public right-of-way.  Approximately 120 employees comprise multiple crews involved with such tasks as tree trimming, trash-pick-up, Adopt-A-Road program, weed control, bridge maintenance, sidewalks, road signs, pavement striping, road shoulder maintenance, potholes, median mowing, swale grading, weir management, canal dredging, catch basins, stormpipes, vacuum truck services, and other ancillary duties.  Select services are contracted out to private companies, which this division manages the contracts for.  These contracted services include improved median landscaping, street sweeping, limited canal dredging, and medium sized pavement repair projects.  All storm water services are financed through the Stormwater Enterprise Fund, and transportation related services are funded by the General Fund.  Sidewalk personnel and projects are funded primarily through grants from a variety of sources.  The Maintenance Division operates out of the City Annex located on Everest Parkway.

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Transportation Maintenance

Median Mowing Program

Mowing and general clean up is performed along all unimproved medians throughout the City, except those maintained by the lot mowing program (typicially north of Pine Island Road).  Approximately 94 miles of medians is maintained by this program, including twenty retention ponds, and sod around sidewalks abutting vacant lots.  During the rainy season, two two-man crews are deployed to keep up with the faster growing sod and weeds.  During the dry season, only one two-man crew is deployed due to the slower growth of sod and weeds.

Pothole Program

This program fills potholes throughout the City, and assists in some minor asphalt related repairs.  There are 1,236 centerline miles of two-lane roads in Cape Coral, as well as 158 centerline miles of multi-lane roads to maintain.  The City has two pothole trucks, each with a two man crew.  Both trucks lay an average of five tons of asphalt per week, and combined they fill over 20,000 potholes per year.  Should you encounter a pothole in need of filling, please contact the 311 Call Center formerly the Citizen’s Action Center by dialing 311 or (239) 574-0425.

Road Shoulder Program

This program fills in the drop off edges of roads throughout the City.  This work is mainly performed on multi-lane roads, since they carry the most traffic at the highest speeds, but they do a number of two lane roads as well.  Some unpaved parking or unpaved alley areas are also maintained by this program.  This five man crew is made up of people from the pothole and tree trimming programs.  When the pothole and tree trimming programs are short staffed they are shut down for the day, and preform road shoulder work when necessary. The crew is dispatched multiple times per week, and 100-120 tons of base rock or millings is spread each month.

Tree Trimming Program

This program provides tree trimming in all non-professionally landscaped/maintained medians, cul-de-sacs, and City right-of-way's.  This crew also removes vegetation interfering with regulatory signs, fire hydrants, catch basins, street signs, and any other obstructions impacting the safety of motor vehicles or the travelling public.  Their work is confined only to the right-of-way, as trees on private property which hang into the public right-of-way can be trimmed by the City up to the property line.  Many times Code Enforcement will notify the homeowner of trees in need of trimming which interfere with the public right-of-way, as there is an expectation of maintenance by the property owner up to the edge of pavement.

Bridge Maintenance Program

This program performs cleaning and sealing of expansion joints, mowing/spraying around guardrails, repairing damaged guardrails, graffiti removal, sidewalk maintenance, replacing hardware on railings, trash/vegetation removal, structural repairs, etc. around the majority of bridges in Cape Coral.  Bridges located in the right-of-way are maintained by the Lee County Department of Transportation.  Bridges with spans of over 20 feet are inspected biannually by the Florida Department of Transportation.  Reports are provided to the City with repair recommendations. Bridges with spans under 20 feet are the responsibility of the City to inspect.  There are 157 bridges in the City of Cape Coral, of which 138 are the City’s responsibility to maintain.

Median and Right-of-Way Trash Removal Program

Medians and public right-of-ways have trash removed on an as needed basis.  One two-man crew uses a grapple (mechanical claw) truck for removing large items, and another two-man crew picks up smaller items while dispatched from a pick-up truck.  Items called into the Citizen’s Action Center and Code Enforcement requests account for the majority of work dispatched.  Trash on private property is not picked up, unless it is relocated to the public right-of-way.  That would be the private property owner’s responsibility to remove, and they are typically notified via Code Enforcement.  Should you encounter debris in the medians, streets, or sides of the road in need of removal, please contact the 311 Call Center formerly the Citizen’s Action Center by dialing 311 or (239) 574-0425.

Sidewalk Installation Program

This program installs sidewalks throughout the City for safer pedestrian foot traffic, making schools more accessible, and connecting neighborhoods to commercial districts.  An eight-man crew performs all site preparation, form work, driveway replacements, concrete pouring, sod  installation, and ensures that all projects are ADA compliant. This eight man crew also performs select repairs to existing sidewalks and concrete curbing throughout the City.  All sidewalk construction projects are grant funded from a variety of different sources.  Construction is typically performed along multi-lane roads, however some neighborhoods with two-lane roads have received sidewalks, but typically around a school.


This program was resurrected in 2010.  Select divided roadways with unimproved medians have trash picked up six times a year by volunteer groups. The City provides a sign acknowledging their efforts, as well as trash bags, rubber gloves, and safety vests.  Collected trash is bagged by the volunteer group, and picked up by the City for proper disposal.  Volunteers must be at least 13 years old, and road segments must be at least one mile in length. For more information on this program, please contact Ron Loweke in the Maintenance Division at (239) 574-0811 or  Please click on the link below to preview the Adopt -A- Road Brochure.

Adopt-A-Road Brochure

Stormwater Maintenance Photo Gallery

Stormwater Maintenance

Catch Basin Program

This program maintains over 22,000 basins located throughout the City, and are inspected on a yearly schedule to comply with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (N.P.D.E.S.) standards under the Clean Water Act.  They also respond to citizen’s requests to replace damaged metal grates, concrete basin lids, perform catch basin repairs due to accidents, install new inlets where necessary, and remove vegetation.  Should you find a catch basin that is damaged or in need of repairs, please contact the 311 Call Center formerly the Citizen’s Action Center by dialing 311 or (239) 574-0425. with an exact address or street location.

Drainpipe Replacement Program

This program performs the repair, replacement and modification of existing underground stormwater drainage systems throughout the City.  These pipe crews will replace approximately 15,000 linear feet of decayed and unserviceable pipe per year.  Currently 21% of the stormwater pipes in Cape Coral are over 40 years old, corroded badly, and being replaced with plastic ADS pipe which has a service life of over 100 years.

Weir, Flots, and Long Reach Excavator Programs

Weir maintenance is needed to maintain unimpeded flow in the canals.  Weirs typically keep canal levels at desired depths within a basin region.  They also help separate fresh water from salt water canal systems. Removing debris (e.g. flotsam) keeps the canals healthy.  This crew cleans up fish kills during cold snaps, maintains canal name signs on seawalls, and builds/maintains gravel boat ramps throughout the City.  They also empty blue barrels and monofilament collection stations that the public fills with debris.  The long reach excavator crews are used to clean drainage ditches throughout the City, performs spot dredging, and clear vegetation from canal banks and canal ends as needed.

Drainage Management Program

This program utilizes an inspector who responds to citizen concerns involving drainage problems.  Typical complaints are water that ponds in swales and driveways, swales that are slow to drain, street flooding, etc.  After initial evaluation a survey team will establish proper elevations if corrective work is needed, or existing conditions don’t meet the City’s engineering design standards.  This team will profile and stake the project area for the City’s swale grading crew to correct the flooding problem.  Should you have noticeable standing water in your swale or driveway more than 72 hours  AFTER a storm event, please contact the 311 Call Center formerly the Citizen’s Action Center by dialing 311 or (239) 574-0425 with an exact location or address.

Swale Grading Program

This program performs swale restoration to alleviate flooding issues from developed properties, and re-establishes grades on an as-needed basis; thus allowing the proper movement and treatment of storm water with infiltration as mandated by National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (N.P.D.E.S.) permit.  Over time swales fill with silt, and the flowline doesn’t function as originally constructed.  Most times the swales just need regrading vs. more corrective adjustments such as driveway replacement, installation of slot drains, adding a catch basin, etc.

Canal Dredging Program

This program is responsible for maintaining over 400 miles of fresh and saltwater canal systems within the City.   Dredging is performed in order to maintain a navigable condition for the safe movement of boats and preserve ecologically sound conditions.  The dredge operates in the center of the canal and does not come within 20 feet of seawall.   Presently the City deploys just one canal dredging crew, but has two other dredges it could also use if staffing is increased.  Starting in 2014, select canals in S.E. Cape Coral were designated for dredging by an outside contractor, who will have until 2017 to complete this work. 

Street Sweeping Program

This program is our first line of defense against pollution in our waterways.  It has been implemented to pick up debris on curbed and guttered streets, bike lanes, parking lots, and alleys within the City.  Street sweeping helps prevent silt from entering our canal system, and beautifies roadside areas in the sweeping program. Since April 2011, this program is now being performed by outside contractors, on the City’s behalf, primarily south of Pine Island Road (State Road 78).

Vacuum Truck Program

This program maintains the underground stormwater drainage system after installation.  Two vacuum trucks are deployed for removing sand, vegetation, tree roots and other debris from the drainage network.  Clogged pipes can cause road and swale flooding during storm events.  The suction and flushing capabilities of these trucks allow pipes to be cleared in place vs. digging up a pipe, which can compromise the integrity of the pipe or the road/swale above.  Should you suspect pipes or catch basins in your neighborhood of being clogged, please contact the 311 Call Center formerly the Citizen’s Action Center by dialing 311 or (239) 574-0425. with an exact location or address.