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Scout Eagle / Gold Projects

Boy Scout Eagle Projects
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Project Ideas  
Contact Honey Phillips at Rotary Park (549-4606 or 549-4752) for more information.

Eagle ScoutBoy Scout Eagle Projects


Ian Sanders mapped kayak trails, with an identification sign and brochures at Sirenia Vista Park, 2015. 

Benjamin Allen built benches at Four Mile Cove Ecological Park, 2015.

Jacob Ryan marked a trail with QR codes at Rotary Park, 2015.

Matthew Signorelli 
built and installed an information kiosk with numbered locations at the Glover Bight Trail , 2014.

Dexter Moore designed and installed a misting system for the plants and butterflies in the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House at Rotary Park, 2013.

Vito Spinella
moved an existing bird blind and built an elevated deck for a bird blind, 2013.

Hae-Yang Chang built a wildlife lookout at Rotary Park, 2012.

Justyn Chabowski-Carpino built a wildlife lookout at Rotary Park, 2012.

Alex Golod built plant identification signs and benches at Cape Coral Historical Museum, 2012.

Michael Eitutis constructed and installed an information kiosk at Yellow Fever Creek, 2011.

Stephen Cloum constructed a trail with markers and benches at the Littleton Elementary Community Forest, 2011.

Wesley Caldwell constructed and installed bat houses at Four Mile Cove Ecological Park and Rotary Park, 2010.

Josh Weaver
constructed a pedestrian/equestrian foot-bridge over Yellow Fever Creek at Yellow Fever Creek Preserve (Major Park), 2010.

Patrick Duggan designed and installed the narrative signs at Four Mile Cove Ecological Park trail, 2010.

Nick Chrone cleared and mapped an overgrown trail, providing signs and picnic tables at Rotary Park, 2010.

Lee Laumeyer made Seahawk RC Park picnic table area handicap accessible, 2010.

Shane Pacheco cleared and constructed a kayak portage picnic area Four Mile Cove Ecological Park, 2009.

Andrew Fletcher created a walking trail with identifying signposts at Yellow Fever Creek Preserve (Major Park), 2009.

Kyle Martin constructed a kayak rest stop platform at Four Mile Cove Ecological Park, 2008.

Ryan Mock 
built raised-bed gardens and installed landscaping at Cape Elementary, 2008.

Matt Marcolini constructed the Dry Bones Trail and a raised walkway around the pond at Rotary Park, 2007.

Kevin McGee constructed a raised boardwalk at Rotary Park, 2004.

Gold AwardGirl Scout Gold Award Projects

Lindsay Cobb conducted tree inventories with maps for 5 city parks, 2009.

Kelly Cobb constructed and installed bat houses in 5 city parks, 2004.


Project Ideas

If you are looking for ideas for a scout project, please check out the list below. These projects will be updated as new ones are added or listed ones are completed.

Contact Honey Phillips at Rotary Park (549-4606 or 549-4752) for more information.

  • Build and install descriptive trail markers (similar to the ones done by Patrick Duggan at Eco Preserve) along the nature trail at Rotary Park.
  • Plant indigenous trees / shrubs at Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve. Specifically, in the area from the Iwo Jima Monument toward the river.
  • Re-build, repair and/or replace the benches and signs at the kayak shack at Eco Preserve.
  • Build and install information kiosk at playground at Rotary Park.
  • Create a permanent, interesting, educational display at the visitor center at Eco Preserve. ** in the works **
  • Build / install a bird watching platform at Yellow Fever Creek Preserve.
  • Tree ID map for City of Cape Coral; locations of Champion trees.
  • Tree/shrub ID signs for city parks (to include plant uses & wildlife uses)
  • Brochures / guide map showing location of plants/tree in city parks.
  • Bike/foot path map with locations of parks.
  • Plot & create a loop trail from the main part of Rotary Park towards Glover Bight.
  • Bee hive demonstration installed at Rotary Park (with help from Beekeepers Association).
  • Plot & create a primitive camp site off of Alligator Creek at Eco Preserve.
  • Build new kayak racks for Eco Park.
  • Build and install benches and signage for Sirenia Vista Park.