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Contract Dredging Management

Cape Coral City Council approved a $3.2 million dredging project with Gator Dredging Services. The City outsourced dredging operations in 2011, and Gator Dredging recently completed a master plan for the canals in the southeast Cape. Dredging operations began in the SE Quadrant in April 2012, and work is expected to continue for three years. Gator Dredging is working on a master plan for the canals in the southwest Cape.

The SE Quadrant Master Plan document is provided below . Please note that Appendix B and Appendix D cannot be provided as they are in DVD format. The dredging schedule and map for the SE Quadrant also are provided.

SE Quadrant Canal Dredging Schedule

The SE Quadrant Master Plan uses a scoring system to prioritize the canal dredging project in the southeast Cape. The higher the score, the higher the canal's priority. The map illustrates the canal dredging schedule for the SE Quadrant.
SE Quadrant Canal Dredging Scoring Table
SE Quadrant Canal Dredging Plan Map 

SE Quadrant Canal Dredging Master Plan

SE Quadrant Table of Contents
SE Quadrant Executive Summary
SE Quadrant Section 1
SE Quadrant Section 2
SE Quadrant Section 3
SE Quadrant Section 4
SE Quadrant Section 5
SE Quadrant Section 6
SE Quadrant Section 7
SE Quadrant Appendix A - Army Corps Permit
SE Quadrant Appendix A - DEP Permit
SE Quadrant Appendix C
SE Quadrant Appendix E
SE Quadrant Appendix F