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Yacht Club Community Pool
5819 Driftwood Parkway
Cape Coral, FL 33904

Phone: 239-242-3816
Fax: 239-542-5329

Swim Lessons

Parents should choose the color level of their child based on the descriptions below and register them accordingly:

Core Skill Achievement Levels 
  If the student... 
White           * Is afraid of the water; Can't swim at all; Will not get face wet. 
Red  * Can't swim without support but loves the water; Will get face wet; Will jump in. 
Yellow  * Can swim under water or on the surface and can get an occasional breath.
Blue  * Can float on front and back; Can tread water. 
Green  * Can swim freestyle with rotary (side) breathing. 

Star Babies (6 – 36 months)
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The purpose of this course is to develop in very young children a high comfort level in and around the water while at the same time training parents in water safety and drowning prevention. This course does not teach children to become accomplished swimmers or survive in the water, but it does provide a confidence building, fun, loving experience. One parent or trusted guardian must be in the water with each child. Swim Diapers required.

Sea Sprites (3-5 yrs)

Designed to meet the needs of pre-school aged children, this course will develop a high comfort level in the water, a readiness to swim, and for those children who are developmentally ready, teach beginning swim skills. This program approaches teaching skills through creative and fun activities in the water.

pr yachtClub lessonSea Stars (6-8 yrs)

Sea Stars combines swimming and adventure learning activities to provide an exciting and unique curriculum. Children progress at individual rates with the opportunity to learn core swimming skills and progress to advanced strokes. Five year olds must be Level Red or above to enroll in Sea Stars.

Swim Stars (9-12 yrs)

Swimmers progress through exciting skill modules that combine core swimming skills and water safety. The objective is to provide students with the opportunity to learn the elements of good swimming. Elementary backstroke, butterfly, and the sidestroke will be introduced.

*NEW* Angel Fish (3-8 yrs)
This class is designed to provide swim instruction for students with special needs. Classes provide the necessary teaching adaptations and adaptive equipment that may be required to make the students as independent and successful in the water as possible.

To view upcoming class dates and times, upload the current Parks & Recreation Program Guide and view the Yacht Club Community Pool pages, go to Register Online, or call (239) 242-3816.