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Special Populations Accepts Donations

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Special Populations graciously accepts donations of items that help supplement the cost of program operations.  If you would like to donate any items, please call (239) 574-0574 to arrange a time for drop-off or pick-up.  Together, we can make a difference!  Thank you for your support!
Capital Items Janitorial Supplies Kitchen Supplies Kitchen Equipment
20 Passenger Mini Bus Clorox Wipes Bottled Water Restaurant Baking Sheets
Staff FT/PT Spray Disinfectant Paper Plates/ Napkins Sharp Knives
Additional Facility Dish Soap/Hand Soap Plastic/Paper Cups Plastic Pitchers
Educational Field Trips Laundry Soap Plastic Storage Containers Hotel Pans
Scholarships Dishwasher Soap Aluminum Trays/Pans  
Robert Allen Smile Fund Kleenex/Toilet Tissue Bar Towels  
Fundraiser Sponsors Trash Bags 32 & 22 Gal Ziploc Bags (any size)  
Hand Dryers Small/Med Kitchen Bags Apron  
    Plastic Spoons & Forks  
    White vinegar  
Craft Supplies Craft Supplies Office Supplies Miscellaneous Items
Floral Foam/dry or wet Craft Foam/lg sheets Envelopes (any size) Cockatiel Bird Food
Ribbon Sharpies Dry Erase Markers Sanitary Napkins
Canvas Markers Dry Erase Supplies Baby Fresh Wipes
Floral Sticks w/wire Silk Flowers White Copy Paper  Popcorn Oil-pour short.
Artists Paint Brushes Glitter & Glitter Paint Color Copy Paper Wheelchairs
Sand Paper Foam Squares Photo Paper Puzzles - 25 piece
Glue/Glue Sticks Felt Squares Printer Cartridges Wooden Puzzles
Craft Books Colored Tissue Paper   HP 96/97 Hand Sanitizer
Floral Tape X-Mas Silk Flowers   CP 3505 Underwear
Paints (Watercolor, Wicker Baskets   Black Ink Pens Insect Repellant
  Acrylic, Tempura) Wreaths   Batteries of all sizes
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