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Rules & Regulations

Eagle Skate Park is used by both experienced and inexperienced skateboard riders, in-line skaters, bike riders, and scooter riders. Serious injury may occur from colliding with other riders, falling on the concrete surface, and flying objects. The City of Cape Coral does not assume responsibility for injuries. USE OF FACILITY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK

  • Helmets are required by all participants at all times while they are on the skating surface. Elbow pads, knee pads, and other additional safety equipment are strongly recommended.
  • The City of Cape Coral reserves the right to change the hours of operation as necessary and close the park in the event of inclement weather, special events, and any other reason deemed necessary by the City of Cape Coral.
  • Smoking, drug use/possession, and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. Smoking is not permitted at the facility.
  • Dress code must be followed at the skate park at all times, and interpretation of the dress code will be made by the City of Cape Coral.
  • Unlawful entry into the facility will result in a trespassing citation and possible suspension from the facility.
  • Food and drinks must stay off the concrete skating surface. Glass containers and chewing gum are not permitted at the facility.
  • No activities will be permitted when the skating surface is wet.
  • No horseplay, fighting, or profanity is permitted in the park.
  • Do not proceed down a ramp until it is clear of other riders.
  • All persons entering the Skate Park must have a waiver signed. No exceptions to this rule will be made. Children under the age of 18 years old must have a parent/legal guardian sign their waiver. 
  • Please skate within your own abilities, and respect the other participants using the facility. Keep in mind that the facility is for skaters of different skill levels and ages. 
  • Please report any damage to ramps, skating surface, or other maintenance issues to the Skate Park Administrative Staff.
  • The city of Cape Coral reserves the right to restrict entry to the facility and to ask individuals to leave the park if these guidelines are not followed or unsafe behavior is observed.
  • The City of Cape Coral reserves the right to free interpretation of all rules and regulations.