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Skate lessons are offered at Eagle Skate Park! Experienced instructors teach participants the fundamentals needed to perform a wide variety of street and ramp tricks that are sure to impress their families and friends including:

Street Tricks:

  • Ollie
  • Kick flip
  • 180’s
  • Board Slides
  • Nose/Tail Slides
  • Manuals
Ramp Tricks:

  • Rock n Roll
  • 50-50 Stall
  • Pump & Turn
  • Ollie
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Group Skate Lessons (8-17 yrs)
Learn all the basics of street tricks such as Ollie’s, Kick Flips, 180’s, Board Slides and more, as well as basic ramp tricks such as rock n roll, 50-50 stall and how to pump and turn. Group Lessons are on Thursdays with 2 sessions that are 1 hour long, with 5-10 skaters per class. Classes are available to children ages 8-17. All participants must have a waiver form filled out by a parent/legal guardian prior to the first class date and wear a helmet at all times.  $25 per month.
For information on upcoming class dates and times, please see the current Parks & Recreation Program Guide or call 242-3950 for details.