Parks & Recreation


While none of Cape Coral’s parks have designated bicycling trails, there are some nice public bike paths that cyclists can enjoy along Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, as well as several designated bike lanes on streets throughout the City of Cape Coral.

Click here to view a map of Cape Coral’s major Bike Lanes and Bike Paths

bikers   smallIn addition to riding on your own, the Parks & Recreation Department's Special Events Division hosts a popular "Tour de Cape" event every January to accommodate cyclists of all skill levels. Participants are able to choose whether to take a 15, 30, 60, or 100 mile bicycle tour of Cape Coral, followed by a post event lunch and celebration. For more information on Tour de Cape and other Citywide Special Events in Cape Coral, click here or call (239) 573-3123.


People who like to bike and/or walk and are looking for safe places to do so are also encouraged to check out the Cape Coral Bike Ped website at This volunteer organization is working in partnership with the City of Cape Coral to make a difference in the way the city improves and builds its bike lanes, paths and sidewalks. The group welcomes new volunteers and donations to assist with the effort to provide a safe bicycle and pedestrian network in Cape Coral.

For general information about Cape Coral Parks & Recreation, call (239) 573-3128 or, if you encounter an issue in one of Cape Coral's parks, please contact the Cape Coral Police Department's non-emergency line at (239) 574-3223.