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Earth Networks Lightning Alerting System

Earth Networks_CMYK (002)The City recently completed the installation of Earth Networks Lightning Alerting System with sound and strobe lights at 18 parks. This is part of the first nationwide network to comprehensively detect total lightning - both in clouds, as well as cloud-to-ground. The system will detect lightning up to ten miles away, and alert the public at specific locations using sound (horn) and strobe lights. If lightning is detected, the horn will sound a continuous blast for 15 seconds, advising the public to seek shelter. If lightning is in the specific area, the strobe light will begin flashing. Once the lightning has cleared and it is safe to resume outdoor activities, the horn will sound three, short, five-second blasts.

A special widget that monitors lightning activity at each park is accessible by clicking on the park web page or on each unique widget code listed below. These widgets can be copied and saved to anyone's personal devices for easy lightning tracking of the parks they attend. To do this, simply copy the URL address listed under the park you wish to track and save that "widget" to "favorites" on your mobile or personal device.

Please note that the system will only be activated at athletic parks during scheduled games/events and at neighborhood parks daily from dawn until dusk. 

The facilities listed below are equipped with the Earth Networks Lightning Alert System. When the system detects lightning within 10 miles of the facility, the air horns sound an uninterrupted 15-second blast and the strobe light will activate. Park patrons who hear the horn and/or see the light need to seek shelter immediately. When the system no longer detects a threat, three 5-second blasts from the horn will sound and the strobe light will stop working. This is the signal that it is safe to return outdoors.

No system is fool-proof. Park visitors should always assess weather conditions before going outside and always be prepared to take the appropriate action needed to ensure one's safety.

Below are the athletic and neighborhood parks equipped with this new system along with the URL addresses for saving the widgets to your personal devices:

For details of how the system works and what to do in the case of lightning, see below or click here.