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Hardship Deferral Program & Utility Connection Grant Assistance

Are there any programs to help with the cost of Assessments, Contribution in Aid of Construction Fees, Impact Fees and the cost of Utility Connection?

Yes there are two different programs. The Hardship Deferral Program provides a method where permanent City of Cape Coral residents whose total household income is at or below a certain level, as established by the United States government, can defer payment of all or a portion of their sewer, potable water, mandatory seawall and irrigation water special assessments or Contribution in Aid of Construction Fees, and/or water and sewer impact fees until such time as their property is sold or transferred or they no longer qualify for deferral according to the guidelines established in the Hardship Resolution in force. NOTE: Hardship deferral shall only be available for homesteaded properties and for those fees that are billed directly by the City. Fees that are included in the property tax bill as a non-ad valorem assessment are not eligible for the City’s hardship deferral program.

The second program is the Utility Connection Grant Program. This program is funded through a federal grant that will pay the cost of the utliity connection, meter installation fee and septic abandonment permit fee. Funds are limited per year, qualifications are based on income guidelines set by the United States Government, and is based on number of people in the household. 

How do I qualify for these programs?

Click here for Hardship Income Guidelines

  • Your property taxes must be paid current
  • Your property must be your residence and must be homesteaded
  • There can be no foreclosure action pending against the property

How can I get an application?

You can click on the below link or you can pick up an application at the Customer Billing Services Division. You can also contact the Hardship Clerk at 239-242-3852 and ask to have an application mailed to you.

Click here for the Hardship Application.

How much money will I receive?

With the Hardship Deferral Program you receive no money. A percentage (between 10% and 100%) of your yearly bill will be deferred until such time as the property is sold or transferred or you no longer qualify for deferral. The undeferred portion of your yearly bill is still due and payable.

Is there any cost associated with Hardship Deferral Program?

There is a 1% Administrative Fee of the total deferred amount. During the deferral period, interest still accrues on the deferred amount.

If I qualify for Hardship how long will my assessments be deferred?

Assessments are deferred on an annual basis and must be renewed each year. If a hardship deferral is not renewed or if a homeowner does not qualify for a deferral then all previous deferred amounts are to be repaid to the city.

Do I have to re-apply each year for the Hardship Program?

Yes, each year requires updated information to re-qualify. As your income changes each year so may your deferral percentage change.

Can I get any help with the Assessments on my tax bill?

The Tax Collector does have several assistance programs. Please contact the Tax Collector’s Office at 239-533-6000 for more information.