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Property Protection Measures

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FLOODOne protection measure that costs nothing is the simple task of elevating your valuables, if flooding is predicted. This involves putting them on counters, upper cabinets, attics, or upper floors. 

Measures to protect a property from flood damage include retrofitting, re-grading your yard, and correcting local drainage problems. As Cape Coral is located within a hurricane region, consider installing storm shutters and reinforcing your garage door. If your property has a low finished floor elevation, you may consider retrofitting your structure. Retrofitting can include elevating the structure, flood-proofing doors and walls, re-grading, or installing earthen berms and/or concrete walls. Although these remedies may require a considerable investment, they could help protect your property during flooding. 

If you don’t know your property’s current elevation, you can obtain copies of elevation certificates for all buildings that were built since 1993 through the City Clerk’s Office, by calling (239) 574-0411 or CLICK HERE  then choose ELEVATION. Enter your address in the box below and then click "search". 
Please note: buildings built prior to 1993 did not require an elevation certificate; therefore the City of Cape Coral will not have an elevation certificate on file for these buildings. Please contact the Surveyor that completed the survey for your mortgage closing or contact the Title Company that processed your house closing. 

Please note that all development within a floodplain requires a permit. For information on obtaining a permit, please contact the Building Department, 1015 Cultural Park Blvd., Cape Coral, FL 33990, (239) 574-0546. 

We can also offer assistance with your selection process if you need to hire a qualified contractor or a consultant to help you solve and/or prevent a particular flooding problem. Please contact the Planning & Growth Management Division at (239) 574-0552, if you need such technical assistance.

If you are interested in learning more about protecting your property, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have publications available on these topics. Many publications are available, free of charge, at the Department of Community Development or the Lee County library.  For additional information on how to prepare for flood events, determine the relative flood risk to your property, estimate your flood insurance premium, and a list of licensed insurance agents who serve your area, visit



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