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Planning Division Applications and Documents

For questions regarding planning applications, please contact the Planning Division at 239-574-0553 or

1.  Annexation Application

Building affidavit

1. Agricultural Exempt Building Affidavit

Common Wall Agreement
1. Common Wall agreement

1. Temporary Tent and/or Seasonal Permit Application

1. Appeal to Council Application
2. Appeal to the Board of Zoning Adjustment and Appeals (BZA) for Signs
3. Appeal to the Board of Zoning Adjustment and Appeals (BZA) for Classification of Uses

Certificate of Use (CU)
1. Certificate of Use Application
2. Certificate of Use/Non-Home Based Business Information Guide

Conjoined Residential Structures
1. Conjoined Residential Structure Guide
2. Conjoined Structures Common Wall Agreement

1. Marine Improvement Deviation Application
2. Landscape Deviation Application
3. Non-Residential Design Standard Deviation Application
4. Sign Deviation Application
5. South Cape Downtown District Deviation Application
6. Parking Deviation Application
7. Dumpster Deviation Application
8. Administrative Deviation for Boat Canopy Width or Length

Hearing Examiner
1. Public Participation Guide

Land Use Changes
1. General Land Use Change Application
2. 10+ Acres Land Use Change Application

Lot Splits/Combines
1. Lot splits/combines form
    County Lot Split/Combine Information/applications
    1. Lot Combination/ split form
Sign Applications
1.  Sign Permit Application
2.  Banner Permit Application
3.  Exempt Sign Application (Residential Freestanding/Building Signs and Menu Boards)
4.  Unified Sign Plan Application

Special Exceptions
1. Special Exception Application
    Model home forms
    1. Affidavit of conversion
    2. Model home conversion to residency
    3. Model home escrow agreement

Non-Conforming Structure Exception Application

1. Non-Conforming Structure Exception (SC zoning district only) Application

Temporary Storage

1. Temporary Storage Container Permit (Residential)

User Guides
1. Sign User Guide with Ordinance
2. Nonresidential Design Standards
3. Free Standing Sheds

1. Vacation of Plat, ROW, Street, Alley or Easement Application  Vacation of Plat, ROW, Street, Alley or Easement Application             


1. Cul-de-sac Variance Application
2. General Variance Application
3. Administrative Minimum Lot Size Variance (Residential Only)

Zoning Amendments
1. Zoning Amendment Application

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