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Guidelines, Checklists, Affidavits

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  Title Modified Date Description
  AC Change Out - Commercial 3/10/2017 Guidelines for commercial AC Change Out
  AC Change Out - Residential 3/10/2017 Guidelines for residential AC Change Out
  Above Ground Pool and Deck DCD-7042 3/10/2017 Guidelines for residential above-ground pool and deck
  Additions - Commercial 3/10/2017 Guidelines for commercial additions
  Additions - Residential 3/10/2017 Guidelines for residential additions
  Antenna (Tower) - Commercial 3/10/2017 Guidelines for commercial antenna (towers)
  Attic Vent - Residential 7/22/2016 Guidelines for residential attic vents
  Boat Canopy DCD-7004 3/10/2017 RESIDENTIAL guidelines
  Boatlift Only - Commercial 3/10/2017 Guidelines for commercial boatlift only
  Boatlift Only - Residential 3/10/2017 Guidelines for residential boatlift only
  Burrowing Owl Guidelines 2/4/2016 Guidelines for permitting sites with Burrowing Owls
  Canopy - Commercial 5/11/2017 Guidelines for Commercial Canopy
  Captains Walk - Residential 5/11/2017 Guidelines for Residential Captains Walk
  Carport (Free Standing) - Commercial 5/11/2017 Guidelines for Commercial Free Standing Carports
  Change of Occupancy 04/05/2017 Guidelines for change of occupancy - commercial
  Chickee / Tiki Hut Guidelines 5/14/2015 A Chickee Hut (also known as a Sun Shelter) is a Seminole Indian house built on stilts with open sides and a thached roof of palm leaves.
  Chinese Drywall Remediation Guidelines 04/05/2017 Guidelines for Chinese Drywall Remediation
  Compaction Report Guidelines 04/05/2017 Guidelines for processing a Compaction Report
  Completion Form DCD-7006 04/05/2017 Guidelines for completed (taking over) a permit
  Concrete Slab Commercial Permitting Guidelines 04/05/2017 Guidelines for commercial concrete slabs
  Concrete Slab Residential Permitting Guidelines 04/05/2017 Guidelines for residential concrete slabs
  Constructing a Dwelling DCD-7037 9/20/2011 Basic requirements for constructing a dwelling
  Converting Residentail House to ALF or AFCH 3/22/2016 Procedures for converting a Residential House to  Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) or Adult Family Care Home (AFCH)
  Driveway Addition or Replacement Guidelines 1/31/2012 Guidelines to add to or replace a driveway
  Dumpster Enlosure Guidelines 10/16/2014 Guidelines for dumpster enclosures
  Environmental Survey Guidelines 1/30/2009  
  eTRAKit Process Manual 12/28/2009 Instructions - replaces Click-to-Gov
  FEMA PACKET 10/27/2011 FEMA packet - for buildings in a flood zone.
  Fence Guidelines DCD-7001 03/30/2016 RESIDENTIAL fence guidelines include requirements, setback information, waterfront requirements and example of acceptable fences. Also See Residential Fence Regulations
  Floating Docks DCD-7049 3/2/2010 Permit guidelines for residential floating docks
  Garage Door Replacement DCD-7050 4/2/2013 Guidelines for garage door replacement
  Generator Permit Guidelines 12/24/2014 Guidelines for residential Generator (Electrical Transfer Switch)
  Irrigation DCD-7008 4/2/2013 RESIDENTIAL guidelines
  LP System Guidelines DCD-7035 4/2/2013 RESIDENTIAL Guidelines for installation and removal of LP tank (propane/natural gas)
  New Single Family Duplex Residence DCD-7015 11/26/2008 Permitting guidelines
  PDP Guidelines DCD-7002 4/5/2011 FAQs guidelines for site plans, PDPs and the commercial building permitting process
  Permit Fee Schedule DCD-7000 1/13/2010  
  Permit Fees / Miscellaneous Permit Fees 10/16/2012 Building Permits Fees Only. Additional fees may apply.
  Photovoltaic Solar Commercial Permit Guidelines 03/28/2016 Commercial Photovoltaic Solar Permit Guidelines
  Photovoltaic Soler Residential Permit Guidelines 03/28/2016 Residential Photovoltaic Solar Permit Guidelines
  Pool - Commercial Guidelines 08/31/2016 Commercial permit guideline
  Pool - Residential Guidelines 08/31/2016 Residential permit guideline
  Preparing Construction Plans 9/23/2009 Guidelines for preparing constructioni plans
  Remodel - Commercial or Tenant Buildout 8/17/2015 Commercial remodel or tenant buildout guidelines
  Remodel - Residential 8/28/2015 Residential remodel guidelines
  Right-of-Way Permit Guidelines 8/20/2009  
  Roof Permit DCD-7026 11/26/2008  
  Screened Enclosure Guidelines DCD-7036 12/17/2009  
  Seawall - Residential DCD-7041 9/23/2009 Permit guidelines for residential seawall
  Seawall Alternative - Residential DCD-7047 11/10/2009 Guidelines for alternate seawall - fresh water only.
  Shed DCD-7009 10/16/2014 Guidelines for residential sheds
  Sheds DCA Approved Guidelines 10/16/2014 Sheds DCA Approved Guidelines
  Shed Placement Examples 11/17/2014 Shed Placement Examples
  Shutters / Residential DCD-7040 9/23/2009 Permit guidelines for residential shutters
  Shutters / Residential OTC - Contractor's Only 10/16/2014 Permit guidelines for over the counter residential shutters
  Solar Heater Guidelines 11/18/2015 Permit guidelines for solar heaters
  SRF Mastering Guidelines 11/18/2015 Permit guidelines for mastering Single Family Residence Plans
  Top Reasons for Building Inspection Rejections DCD-7023 11/26/2008 Top reasons for submittal rejections
  Top Reasons for Building Permit Rejections DCD-7019 11/26/2008 Top reasons for submittal rejections
  Top Reasons for Site Plan Inspection Rejections DCD-7021 11/26/2008 Top reasons for inspection rejections
  Top Reasons for Site Plan Rejections DCD-7018 11/26/2008 Top reasons for submittal rejections
  Top Reasons for Site Plan Review Rejections DCD-7022 11/26/2008 Top reasons for SP review rejections
  Walk In Cooler 12/10/2014 Commercial Walk In Cooler guidelines
  Window or Door Replacement DCD-7034 10/16/2014 RESIDENTIAL window/door replacements (size for size, window to door opening, and new window/door opening)


  Title   Description


  Title Modified Date Description
  Affidavit of Filing NOC 8/26/2014 Affidavit for filing Notice of Commencement
  Burrowing Owl/Gopher Tortoise Affidavit DCD-3002 4/26/2017 Required for all Site Plans
  Eagle Affidavit 7/5/2012 Eagle Affidavit
  Owner Builder Affidavit DCD-3004 4/2/2013  
  Pool Pressure Test Certification DCD-3001 5/9/2017 pressure test certification affidavit
  Seawall Installation DCD-3006 7/27/2009  
  Sheathing/Secondary Water Barrier Affidavit DCD-3010 12/4/2015  
  Sign Affidavit DCD-3007 12/12/2008 Required for marquee's, balloons, streamers, banners, etc.
  Temporary Storage Container Affidavit DCD-3009 12/12/2008 Required for temporary moving or storage containers.