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Emergency Warning System

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The Lee County Emergency Operations Center provides the Emergency Warning System for Cape Coral. A hurricane watch for Lee County will be announced, if hurricane conditions are possible for our area within the next 36 hours. A Hurricane Watch means it is time to put the early stages of your hurricane plan into effect. Tune in to local radio or television stations listed for the latest distribution of emergency information. Severe weather and flood warning threats are also continuously broadcast by the National Weather Service on special weather radios, on Channel 4, 162.475 MHz. Emergency vehicles may also broadcast emergency information over an amplified speaker. 

If the County declares an evacuation advisory or evacuation order for your area, please heed the warning and give yourself plenty of time to leave the area. CLICK HERE to access maps of the evacuation routes and storm surge zones for Lee County.  

Be prepared for interruptions of service from cable television and telephone providers.  Because any storm can interrupt electric power, it is important that you have a radio or television that can operate on battery power and a supply of fresh batteries. Additionally, cordless phones will not work when there is an interruption in power.  If you have a telephone landline in your home, it's wise to maintain an "old fashion, plug into the wall" corded telephone device, which requires no electrical power.  

AM Radio Stations



 WJBX-AM  770
 1200  WFNW-AM  1240









FM Radio Stations







 WARO-FM  94.5  WOLZ-FM  95.3
 WRXK-FM  96.1  WINK-FM  96.9
 WTLQ-FM  97.7  WDEO-FM  98.5









Television Stations


Comcast Cable

Broadcast (Air)


























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