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Planned Development Projects

What is a Planned Development Project (PDP)


The planned development project (PDP) process is a local development approval process that culminates in a development order (resolution or ordinance) that is granted directly by the governing body at a public hearing.

The PDP process ensures that development applications are reviewed in a comprehensive manner and uphold the integrity of the community. PDPs may depart from conformance with regulations that would otherwise apply, if the intent and purpose of the regulations is served.

The PDP is not a zoning district and may contain more than one zoning district. A PDP application may include requests for subdivision, rezonings, site plan approval, special exceptions, variances, vacations of plat and deviations that can be considered simultaneously within the PDP application.

When is a PDP required?
What is the PDP process? Guideline for Completing Annual Monitoring Report

PDP Documents:

PDP Application for Properties Owned by a Corporation, LLC, Trust, etc
PDP Application for Properties Owner by Individuals
Environmental Survey Guidelines
Non-Residential Design Standards Application
PDP Fee List
PDP Flow Chart
Guideline for Completing Annual Monitoring Report

Transportation Division's Annual Traffic Monitoring Document